WAC Pilots

Tom Cassells, Global Stars formation team leader took up aerobatics in 1992 after watching an aerobatic display by Pete Clark in a Firefly. After being trained by Pete he entered a British Aerobatic Competition in the June 1992, won the beginners and placed top ten in Standard at the first contest. Tom was hooked on aserobatics an dteh 3d freedom it gives from that point onwards. He went on to be National champion at Standard, Intermediate and Advanced the later in 1994. Moving up to Unlimited in 1995 British Nationals and entered the Worl Aerobatic Compertition in 1996 in USA. He has been three times Unlimited British Champion, Six time top UK pilot at World and European Championships. Twice winner of a bronze team medal and finishing twice in the top ten in European and World events.
Tom Cassells Finland
Mark (Marky) Jefferies, Global Stars team leader had his first flight at 7 years old in a tiger Moth. Since then Mark has flown 140 types of aircraft from microlights to jets. Currently flying the World best aerobatic aircraft of modern times. The Extra 330SC. Team leader of the Global Stars aerobatic team. The team perform air shows World wide with India, Australia and China recently visited. Winner of 9 national titles in the UK, he started working his way through the ranks in 1984 at standard level. 1985 Standard National champion, 1987 Intermediate National Champion, 1989 Advanced National Champion, 1994 Unlimited National champion in an aircraft he built himself. Ranked in top 10 of the World in 2007 and 2009. 3rd place in the World Air Masters 2011Global_stars_solo1
Rolandas Paksas, Lithuania. A national aerobatics champion in the 1980s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Paksas founded a construction company, Restako. In 1997, he was elected to Vilnius City Council for the centre-right Homeland Union and became mayor. In May 1999, Paksas was appointed Prime Minister. He is a Lithuanian politician of note who was President of Lithuania from 2003 to 2004. He was previously Prime Minister of Lithuania in 1999 and again from 2000 to 2001, and he also served as Mayor of Vilnius from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2000 to 2001. He has led Order and Justice since 2004 and has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2009. He hold dear his passion for flying and aerobatics. He was a member of the former Soviet and Lithuanian national aerobatic team. For several times, he won the aerobatics championship in Lithuania, and was the winner of international aerobatics competitions.Rolandas Paksas
Ramon Alonso, Spain. 2007 World Aerobatic champion flying the SU31.Ramon Alonso Aerobatics
Michael Pickin is the current British Advanced National Aerobatic Champion. Winning his first competition at the age of fourteen in a Cap10C Michael has moved through the levels and at the age of seventeen he was the youngest person ever to gain a UK CAA Display Authorisation for aerobatics and formation flying. Soon after at only 18 years of age he became the youngest person ever to be selected for the British Advanced National Aerobatic Team. Now aged 24 he is the youngest Unlimited aerobatic pilot in the UK and possibly further afield. More recently Michael has become the latest member of the Global Stars Formation Aerobatic Team.GIIRP
Steve, 53 from Derbyshire, is a Type Rating Examiner and Instructor course tutor on the Embraer 145 Regional Jet. Having his first aerobatic flight in 1973 in a Chipmunk; Steve joined the ATC, and after University and Post Grad, he flew gliders competitively. A PPL came in 1988, and shortly after he changed careers from lecturing in Pure and Applied Mathematics to aviation. A Pitts S1, and then an S2S, was followed by the Extra 260 which he has flown since 2002. Steve has been a medal winner at Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited levels. He now focuses on display flying and directing, and is a team member of the Global Stars Aerobatic team. GEXTR
Chris Burkett has been flying top level solo and formation aerobatics for the last decade, in recent years as a member of the Global Stars aerobatic team. He has been a winner of multiple trophies in UK aerobatic competition. Recent international assignments have included trips to China and the Middle East to display for major sponsors such as DHL and Skoda Cars.

Based in the UK with team leader Mark Jefferies, Chris' usually flies the G-Force Extra 300S - sometimes alongside a 40% scale radio-controlled replica.
Mikhail.Mamistov became the all-round aerial aerobatics champion of Europe in Unlimited Aerobatics category in Italy in 2011.Victor
Svetlana Kapanina joined the World Air Carnival as one of the world most experienced female aerobatic pilots. Her achievements are quite astounding in the field of "classic" Aerobatics. Svetlana Kapanina was World Aerobatic Champion in the women's category in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011 and has won the title more times than any other pilot in the category. Additionally, she was overall World Air Games Champion in 1997 and 2001.

Together with Mikhail Mamistov and Oleg Spolyansky, she won the team gold medal in the 16th FAI European Aerobatic Championships 2008.
Mark Hensman is an Airline Training Captain on the Boeing 747. He has over 15,000 hours total flying time and is 47 years old.

Mark has 20 years of aerobatic experience and competed at the first Advanced World Aerobatic Championships (AWAC) in 1995, held in South Africa, where he was ranked 17th. At AWAC 2008 he was on the South African team to win the silver medal in America. At AWAC 2010 in Poland, he achieved 6th place overall, once again helping to win the Silver medal for team South Africa.

Mark Hensman has been the South African Aerobatic Champion at both Advanced & Unlimited level, and is the team manager of Team Xtreme China.
Nigel Hopkins is a Captain with South African Airways, and is Training Manager of the Airbus 319 fleet. He has over 15,000 flying hours and is 40 years old. Nigel served as Chairman of the SA Aerobatic club 2010-1012 and is the current SA Unlimited Aerobatic Champion.
1st Grand Aero Challenge 2010, Hungary
2nd Aero GP 2010, Al Ain UAE
3rd South African Aerobatic Advanced Championships 2008
1st World Air Masters 2011
Mark (Sammy) Samson is an senior First Officer on B747-400 for Cathay Pacific Airways based in Hong Kong. He has over 8,500 flying hours on aircraft & helicopters, and is 45 yrs old. Having flown for the South African Airforce - Harvard T6, Alouette III and Oryx Super Puma helicopters in maritime, fire fighting and mountain rescue roles.
Sun Air & Nationwide Airlines flying DC9, MD80, and B737-200.
Cathay Pacific Airways - B777, B747-400, B747-800F.

Mark competes on the South African Aerobatic Team. In 2010 he was placed 11th at the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships (AWAC) in Poland. Together with Hopkins, Hensman and Sampson won a silver medal for South Africa.
Lauren-GBKDR-smallLauren Richardson flies one of the most powerful and noisy Pitts S1S in the UK. As can be seen the aircraft has a smoke system that makes clouds. Her air show is low and fast keeping close to the crowd. She is one of the most talented and accomplished aerobatic and display pilots in the UK, as well as one of the youngest at just 27 years old.

Not only is she completely committed to flying and creating ever more dynamic and stylish performances in the air, she is an enthusiastic and approachable ‘face’ on the airshow scene, going out of her way to interact with spectators and enthusiasts as often as possible. She is keen to help and inspire as many people as she possibly can, to be more than just another airshow flyer.
TRIG-TEAMThe TRIG AEROBATIC TEAM owner and leader Richard Grace, son of famous display pilots Carolyn and Nick Grace, he achieved his pilot’s licence at the age of 19 this started his career in display flying. At 20 Richard flew his first display at the Red Bull Air Race at Longleat, in his Cassutt Racer.

Dave Paulson wing man, following his lifelong ambition to fly a Pitts Special, Dave first flew a Pitts S1 at the age of 17, shortly after the issue of his Private Pilot’s Licence and before he held a licence to drive a car. He taught himself to fly basic aerobatic manoeuvres in aircraft such as the Pitts and Boeing Stearman, but later experimented with more advanced figures under the strict guidance of experienced members of the Moscow Aerobatic team, flying a Yak-52.
OTTO-actOTTO helicopter, Pilot: Roger Buis. In-the-box, low-level, choreographed performance, set to music, 1/3 of act dedicated to kids, 1/3 demonstrates agility and maneuverability of helicopter flight, and 1/3 of act is a patriotic tribute. OTTO mimics airplane aerobatics. OTTO provides VARIETY to the airshow lineup. Low-level, patriotic, lights and pyro show, set to Celtic music; an aerial ballet in the sky and just when you thought that was all—a grand finale lights up the entire flight show line. OTTO’s night time spectacular is a must have for a night show lineup. Performers, producers and fans alike say that OTTO’s is the best night show in the industry.OTTO-night
T6-formation-South African historic T6 formation team. Pierre Gouws and Nigel HopkinsT6-formation

Global Stars team at Little Gransden